The Vision

The aspiration of What A Twist is to unify the vintage food blog with a series of experiments, both in writing and cooking.

I have no formal culinary training. I do, however, enjoy food as much as anybody, probably more. This one time, an accredited university gave me a piece of paper that states I’m a mildly competent writer. Brimming with confidence from that assertion, it is my desire to utilize the mixing bowl that is the internet to combine my two passions: penning prose and crafting cuisine.

So what is the twist? It’s no secret that sophisticated chefs (and Taco Bell) enjoy taking traditional food from various cultures and altering them. That’s why Asian fusion is everywhere and half of everything made in the last five years has bacon in it. It is my desire to follow this style, albeit with slightly less bacon, and take foods that commonly appear in kitchens and run-of-the-mill restaurants and, for lack of a better term, mess with them. Consequently, one function of this blog is to explore and expand the depth of my palate by, in my opinion, upgrading “staples”.

While the above explains the culinary twist, the writing twist comes more in the variation of traditional blog posts. Examinations of food and agricultural policy will also snake their way into my content from time to time. Beer and liquor reviews, restaurant critiques, and ingredient spotlights will be somewhat commonplace as well.

All that being said, as the epigraph suggests, there will certainly be components of traditional food blogs as well. “Twisted” or not, What A Twist will still feature, in some instances, the classic picture—author comment—recipe format that the world has come to love and overuse.

So read my reviews, enjoy my musings, cook my food. Surprise and delight—or anger and confuse—your family and friends with these posts, articles, and altered recipes. Twist them even more, for all I care. Thank you for participating with me in this exercise in cuisine and writing.



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